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Valleyview Vacation Draw 2020

09 Oct. 2020



The following Valleyview Vacation Draw raffle tickets were recorded as lost and not returned to be entered in this afternoon's draw. If you have purchased any of the following tickets, please return them to the school to be reimbursed. Licence # M810607




































Ministry of Education Announces Replacement School for Savant Lake

03 Nov. 2020

Media Release - November 3, 2020

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) is pleased to share that the Ontario Ministry of Education has announced funding for a replacement school in Savant Lake. 

The KPDSB thanks both the Ministry of Education and Government of Ontario for their support of the Savant Lake school community.

The replacement school will be built on the existing school property and will provide a mix of 21st century classroom models and board designed innovative spaces for multipurpose use.  The new building is expected to have the highest energy efficient design of all facilities in the KPDSB.  Students and families can also look forward to a school playground redesign to provide increased outdoor learning opportunities.

At this time, it is anticipated the replacement school will open for the 2023-2024 school year (modular and prefabricated construction techniques will be explored for increased quality control and timelines).

“Hard-working families in Savant Lake deserve access to high quality education opportunities and our government is delivering on their behalf,” said Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce. “The Government of Ontario is taking action to provide students with modern, technologically-connected and accessible classrooms that will prepare them for lifelong success.”

Holly Szumowski, Principal of Savant Lake Public School, stated, “To see this type of investment in rural education for our students, staff, families, and community is exciting.  We look forward to involving our school community in the process of building a new school.”

Sherri-Lynne Pharand, KPDSB Director of Education, added, “We are very excited for the opportunity for a new build in Savant Lake.  Our commitment to our students is to provide the best possible educational opportunities in the best possible environments.  We thank the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education for this financial support.”


Lillian Berg PS Receives Grant for Commemorating the History and Legacy of Residential Schools

10 Nov. 2020

Media Release - November 10, 2020

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) and Lillian Berg Public School are honoured to share that Lillian Berg Public School, in partnership with Grassy Narrows First Nation and the Municipality of Machin, has received a $6000.00 grant to support commemorating the history and legacy of residential schools. 

The grant money will be used to cover the costs of yard maintenance at the McIntosh Indian Residential School Memorial site, which now belongs to Grassy Narrows First Nation, as well as to purchase books and resources about the history of residential schools for a community book club and for Lillian Berg Public School.  The school also hopes to use some of the money to host a special Orange Shirt Day ceremony next October at the McIntosh Indian Residential School Memorial site.    

Chief Randy Fobister, Grassy Narrows First Nation, stated, “I always support any initiatives that help the community in any way and especially the history of residential schools that has to be remembered for generations to come.  It is history where important life lessons can be learned.  I welcome the beautification project and landscaping. The elders and community will be very thankful for that. Miigwetch.”

Shannon Elliott, Grade 7/8 Teacher and lead on the project, said, “It is hoped that through this project we will achieve increased awareness of the history and legacy of residential schools, not only across Canada, but in our own backyard.  Our hope is for students, staff, and community members to gain a deeper understanding of the history and legacy of residential schools and the lasting impacts they have.”

Doris St. Jules, Principal of Lillian Berg Public School, added, “We are grateful for the support of Chief Randy Fobister and look forward to working together in the planning of a very special Orange Shirt Day ceremony next year.”


In the fall of 2019, Ms. Elliott’s Grade 7/8 class from Lillian Berg Public School in Vermilion Bay, visited the McIntosh Indian Residential School Memorial site, located just northwest of Vermilion Bay, ON, as part of a class study of residential schools in Canada.  While at the memorial site, the students noticed that the grass around the memorial site was overgrown, which limited the access to it, and they felt a site with this much importance deserved more care. 

The class initially started making plans to go back to the site in the spring and do some yard maintenance themselves, but their teacher had heard that the Department of Canadian Heritage was accepting grant applications for Commemorating the History & Legacy of Residential Schools.  A proposal was put together and submitted in early April 2020 with the support of then Chief Rudy Turtle, Grassy Narrows First Nation, (which the McIntosh IRS Memorial site now belongs to), along with the Municipality of Machin, who agreed to provide workers and equipment to complete the yard maintenance. 


KPDSB appoints Chantal Moore as Interim Superintendent of Education

10 Nov. 2020

Media Relese - November 10, 2020

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Chantal Moore as Interim Superintendent of Education. Moore will replace Joan Kantola who has accepted a position with School Mental Health Ontario for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

Moore started her teaching career at Crolancia Public School in Pickle Lake in 1994.  She has 19 years of K-12 administration experience, working at Wabigoon, Ignace and Upsala schools.  She has held various system responsibilities including leading Creating Pathways to Success, Principal/Vice-Principal Professional Development, eLearning/ConnectEd and Leadership Development.  Moore has a specialist in Guidance and Special Education.  She holds a BA/BEd from Lakehead University and a Master’s Degree from University of Toronto with a focus on instruction, curriculum and leadership.

Moore is passionate about providing optimal learning conditions for students by focusing on high yield instruction, creating caring, supportive and inclusive learning environments and maintaining high expectations. She is committed to meeting the needs of the whole child – academic, physical, emotional and social – which drives her avid professional reading, learning and leadership.  She is dedicated to ensuring that all students can reach their potential by focusing on students’ strengths, seeking student voice and providing opportunities. 

Moore stated, “I am prepared to work incredibly hard and ready to serve students and staff in a greater capacity as a Superintendent of Education for the KPDSB.  It is truly an honour to more widely collaborate with KP educators, support staff and all staff who work relentlessly to provide the best possible conditions for students to achieve. There is incredible collaboration, innovation, initiative and resilience in our organization.  I am extremely proud to be part of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board and I am eager to expand my contribution and support KP students, staff, parents and communities.”

Sherri-Lynne Pharand, Director of Education, added, “Senior Administration, Trustees and I are so pleased to welcome Chantal to our team.  Her many years of administrative experience, her integrity and her passion for both student and staff learning will enable KP to continue to provide the best possible education for all.”


KPDSB & OSSTF Northern Shield Occasional Teachers' Bargaining Unit reach tentative settlement

14 Dec. 2020

Media Releases - December 14, 2020

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation of Ontario (OSSTF), Northern Shield Occasional Teachers’ Bargaining Unit, have reached a tentative settlement within the Local Bargaining Framework.  Both parties have now ratified the tentative settlement.

The parties are pleased with the work done through virtual platforms to achieve this local settlement and look forward to its implementation.

For more information, please contact Sherri-Lynne Pharand, KPDSB Director of Education at (807) 468-5571 or Dave Rhind, President, OSSTF at (807) 466-1165.

Dave Rhind, President
OSSTF, Northern Shield 

Cecile Marcino                                              
KPDSB Board Chair                                                                                                                                                         Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit

Sherri-Lynne Pharand
KPDSB Director of Education